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If you run a business, then you're generating data. If your business is data, then you probably have a lot of it. If you've hit the wall and cannot make sense of your data any more, or if your data sets have become so large that they're becoming unmanageable, we can help. With nearly two decades of experience mining and managing huge datasets, we can build the tools you need to work with your data.

Get some data

If you have no data, but wish you did, we can help with that, too. Let us help you move away from paper and pencil records and into a digital age of shrewd business intelligence. We can help you design the requirements specification so you can hand off the job to another developer, or you can hand it off to us and we'll build it to your liking. Maybe you want to streamline your office procedure to use a private internal website. We can help with that, too.

The best things in life are free, right?

We think so. We use free open source software such as FreeBSD and PostgreSQL. Not only will the solutions we provide for you be completely free of licensing costs usually associated with products from Microsoft and Oracle, they will simply work better than proprietary solutions. And they won't limit your freedom to modify the code or share it with others if you like. Most importantly, they won't limit your ability to make money.

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